Mechassault 1 Game Nights Icepack 03/04/2019

What capture card are you using for this?

Elgato HD the first model.

How is the HDMI passthrough? I heard it had bad chroma subsampling issues. Looks like the workaround would be to add an inline HDMI splitter. That said I doubt I will be getting one anytime soon. Looks like quite a lot of work you and Alapok go through.

Unfortunately, I had to buy mine used. It can get 720p, but since mine came with the AV cable as opposed to the component cable, I can only get 480. I’m going to get the right cable soon, but the Elgato HD is out of print so the cable isn’t as common. And its not difficult to make, its just tedious. I try to pick the most interesting matches and upload them. But if someone is truly interested in seeing every single match, they can always watch Alapok’s stream.

Setup was basically plug and play for me. 20190516_175401