MechAssault Rumor

E3 is right around the corner (June 11 – June 13). With the anticipation building up, there are some interesting rumors beginning to circulate.
An article by Tyler Fischer published on - speculates a new addition to the long neglected MechAssault franchise. It’s been nearly 15 years since the debut of MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf. The then Day 1 Studios was acquired by Wargaming on 29th January 2013 to move into console games. At the time is seemed like any addition to the franchise was moot. However, World of Tanks featured an online mech mode called Core Breach, which was free to play between January 29th through February 4th 2019. While this game mode had no references to the original MechAssault series it did offer similar gameplay.


It is possible Wargaming was testing out game mechanics for its upcoming title. Although it’s highly doubtful we see the MechAssault series reappear, it is certainly possible Wargaming will announce a new independent mech title that will fill the void left by the MechAssault series.

A couple people sent this to me as well. This rumor popped up last year as well making it more likely. I want to believe it’s MechAssault, I’m just not sure if I can after 15 years of being let down. I don’t know what to expect but I’m looking forward to finding out.

The rumours of revival have been going on for a decade or more. They followed every development in the paths of the key people. Until there’s an announcement, nothing is happening.

I speculate it’s probably MechWarrior 5 and the MW5 community seems to agree. PGI has been doing regular visits to Microsoft Game Studios (allegedly) and since MW5 isn’t the most popular upcoming game, it could use a console port, the release date lines up as well. It’ll be out in September, so it’s a safe bet.