MechAssault Team Discord Bot

I am starting to put together a Discord chat bot to help randomize teams and host. The bot is currently named NewTeams. Active members participating in a game night will need to join the Lobby voice channel for the bot to function successfully. Any members who do not want to talk and/or hear the chat please mute or deafen yourself. The bot will take all players within the Lobby and divide the teams in a random order. It will also select an individual for host as well as map. Hopefully this will keep the games more interesting and diverse.

At the moment this is still in the development stages and most likely wont be done for a few weeks. If anyone is interested in helping out, please reach out to me. The bot uses node.js for its JavaScript runtime engine. You can find out more information on bot making through this tutorial:

Very cool! Didn’t even know you could do that.

Solid idea. This will help keep things fair and prevent team stacking.

Watch the first game it picks be Destruction going commando.