Wolves Is Available Now!

TL;DR download here: https://wolvesgame.com

So a few things about this version of the game. First and foremost it’s an alpha, meaning things like movement, balance, animations, sounds etc. are not final. Still, we wanted to put something out early for the community to try so that we could take feedback while things are still easy to change. Once we start plugging netcode in, it gets a bit more tricky so make sure that if there is anything you want to suggest, to do it early.

Nice work. It looks really sharp

It is really impressive. I don’t have access to a PC with a graphics card. Anyway hope of releasing a version for the Mac ??

Should be pretty easy to do. We’ll likely have a mac version for future releases.

This is absolutely impressive. Very good job on the build thus far, I cannot wait to see the future of this.