Wolves Screenshots and Updates!


I’ll be sharing progress updates and answering whatever questions come up about Wolves here, I suppose I should reiterate exactly what Wolves is.

Wolves is a MechAssault fangame founded by Phoenix in 2017, After he vanished, I took the wheel and have been working diligently with my small team to get it done ever since. The idea is to recreate the original MechAssault experience on PC, once that’s done, we’ll start testing and entertaining new gameplay modifiers and rulesets as well as adjusting the game’s balance based on feedback. Right now we’re just focusing on getting mechs in the game and making sure all our mechanics and UI work as intended.

I’ll post here as often as I can so stay tuned.

But there is one question, will spider nemesis mech happen?

Oof, that’s a big yikes.

New%20UI%20WIP Wasn’t planning on showing off the UI updates we’ve been working on, but I took this screenshot and liked the way it looked. There is still a lot of scaling and components to add and tweak but we hope this feels a bit more familiar to you guys.

its coming together. What is the initial goal for the game? Are you doing strictly multiplayer or will you have a campaign?

Your first question can be answered by the OP. I definitely want to get as close as I can to the original MechAssault 1 sandbox and start introducing modifiers in an attempt to elevate the experience naturally. As for singleplayer, Grinder will be there at launch, I would really love to do a campaign but I don’t think we have the time as I don’t intend to spend 5 or 6 years working on this game. So we’re focusing on making a fun multiplayer right now.

Quick recap of our year as well as the announcement of the Arctic Wolf.



Here is a look at some animation stuff…

that is a good looking skin. Are you guys going to release a playable demo anytime soon?

I’m not sure yet. It’s kind of one of those “when it’s ready” situations.

New round of music and gameplay.

Huge thanks to Spider and Wolf for hosting some gameplay footage.







The Summoner is in! https://twitter.com/Wolves_Game/status/1229567745416712197

do you have an estimated time of release?

Not for the Summoner, no. it’ll be in all future alphas/betas we just have to figure out the timing.